Any business reliant on a fleet of vehicles will benefit from a Turaco real-time, web-based fleet management solution. Implemented and operated properly, a Turaco fleet management solution will have a significant operational, financial and strategic impact on the business.

Turaco's turnkey fleet management solutions are suitable for a wide variety of different industries and customer requirements. The software platform and client interface is highly customisable and is tracking device independant, easily allowing for customer specific solution implementations. Integration options include Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Proximity Detection Solutions.

Benefits include:

Increased Productivity | Reduced Operating Costs | Improved Customer Service | Increased Safety | Reduced Risk

Improved Productivity

Ensure optimal fleet utilisation by monitoring trips, vehicle utilisation, areas and routes...

Reduced Operating Costs

Minimise vehicle abuse and fuel theft, reduce running costs, managing overtime...

Improved Customer Service

Provide clients with accurate, up-to-date information, estimated deilvery times, proof-of-service...

Increased Safety

Manage vehicle speeds, instant driver alerts, fatigue management, proximity detection...

Reduced Risk

Ensure vehicles and drivers adhere to regulations and operate within safety guidelines, driving hours...

Turnkey Solutions

Dedicated, customised solutions with private domains, fully managed access, integration...

About us

Turaco provides real-time, customised and turnkey fleet management solutions utilising the latest web-based and GPS satellite-based technology available.

The Turaco team has a vast wealth of experience especially when it comes to vehicle tracking and fleet management. Several of our core team members have been directly involved with vehicle tracking for over 16 years and were instrumental in developing Southern Africa's first true, real-time GPS based vehicle tracking solution when GPRS became available in 2003. Vehicles could be tracked with one second intervals, this all at a time when vehicle tracking was done via sms, dial-up or even radio direction finding.

Turaco was founded over three years ago, initially providing intermodal shipping container tracking and monitoring in partnership with a company providing security services for containers being transported by rail and road between our ports and the various inland depots. In this challenging environment our offering evolved into the fully-fledged, real-time, ultra-reliable, web-based fleet management solution it is today.

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Our Portfolio

The Turaco Business Logix Fleet Management solution can be customised for many different requirements


Coal Transport


Open Cast Mining


Service and Passenger Vehicles


Heavy Mining Vehicles


Mining Vehicles


Local and Long Distance Logistics


Construction Vehicles and Equipment


Coal Logistics

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